• June 25, 2022

New Book Provides Practical Advice for Protecting Digital Life and Identity

The majority of us don’t consider it, however our advanced life is significantly less secure then it ought to be.

What is our computerized life?

It is everything and anything that we do utilizing our PCs. Contemplate why you utilize your PC and afterward ponder that at the fingertips of a criminal.

Your Digital Life:

  • Addresses of loved ones
  • Phone quantities of loved ones
  • Bank account data, including account numbers
  • Your government managed retirement number
  • Your Visa numbers
  • Important business data
  • Confidential archives
  • Years worth of family photographs
  • Hundreds of dollars worth of music
  • Customized programming that you played with for quite a long time to make right

You would rather not begin once again and endeavor to reproduce everything, including the entirety of your monetary data, if your PC is taken. Ensure your advanced life similarly as you would your regular day to day existence.

Against robbery programs are downloaded to your PC and is a bit like having a caution on your vehicle. Your PC will be under full observation when it is accounted for missing.


  • Get an area on your PC to inside thirty to forty feet
  • See who is utilizing your PC through the webcam if accessible
  • Encrypt your documents
  • Backup your documents
  • Find out which data has been supported so you realize what has been compromised.
  • Lock down the PC so they can’t utilize it

There are so many ways an individual can utilize your own data once they have it in their grasp. Try not to be a casualty, retaliate!

Secure your computerized existence with a Snuko’s Anti-Theft program and provide yourself with the force of opportunity with your life.

Snuko is an IT and Security organization with workplaces all throughout the Planet. Snuko works in making PCs and PDAs safer by offering hostile to robbery projects to their customers. These projects furnish customers with fundamental data on the whereabouts of their gear just as guaranteeing that no information is at any point lost in light of the fact that your PC or PDA was taken. With inventive thoughts and nonstop observing, Snuko is consistently there to loan some assistance.