Making one's Voice heard

Making one’s Voice heard

Here’s what some of our students had to say:

“Before I came on this course I had problems with my breathing whilst singing. I would constantly run out of breath and I would lose my voice very quickly. Now I can’t believe it but I no longer struggle to breathe, I can sing for ages and I don’t lose my voice!”

“I have more confidence now and I know what I need to work on to improve. It’s been a lot of fun!”


This course has opened my eyes up to what is needed to develop and maintain a good healthy voice. I have also really enjoyed interacting with the group.”


“It’s been so interesting learning about different vocal styles. Now when I listen to music on the radio I listen in a much deeper way, not just to the music but I can really hear how the voice is used to get the style the singer is using. It’s opened my eyes!”


“The course provided me with a lot of information I found practical and useful. The vocal trainer was excellent and really challenged me to want to go for it in music because with practice it can be done. I found the course really good value for money- thank you!”


“ The course enhanced my confidence and I now feel comfortable with being myself when singing. I have learned a lot about music in general- music theory, listening to more vocalists and their singing style, microphone technique, PA systems. The course was brilliant and I thoroughly  enjoyed it- thank you!”


“The course was a really confidence builder and the teachers were really good. Something new was the exploration of vocal styles which has helped a lot.”


“I learned how to engage and sing with my ‘whole being’. Understanding the importance of good posture in singing and also how importance the art of communication is in singing. “


“I’ve improved in my singing and discovered my own voice and personal style. I also gained confidence to sing in a group.”


“One major improvement for me has been clarity in my singing and through the course this improved , my pronunciation is clearer.”


“The course has been a real eye opener for me.- there is so much more to good singing than I had realised. My mind has been broadened in the overall area of singing and music and I now feel motivated to explore my singing further.”


“I’ve had a fun time over the course and recommend it highly! I’ve improved in my singing and learned lots too.”


“I learned about individuality and how I can explore with singing to develop my own vocal style.”


“I have learned my voice can sod so much more than I originally thought, I had no idea my voice could develop to this level! Thank you!” 


“You have been instrumental in the launch concert being the success it was. The reviews were really good. You are not just my coach- you’re family.”


“Your training gave me confidence and helped me deal with the fear of singing in front of that audience. The show went really well and we have had 4star reviews from the media. A huge thank you to you!”



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