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SO EXCITED with the developments at Melody Vocal over the past 3 years! We have had the privilege to work with chart topping Pop Artists, Actresses, Jazz Singers, Prepare artists for Solo career launches, Prepare singers for album recordings, showcases, TV live performances and coach top TV show contestants.

We are also very proud of some of our younger students who have used the skills gained in our singing studios to successfully pass auditions that gained them a place at the school of their choice. And so as we look back over our achievements together, we cannot help but plan forward with determination and zeal – There is no stopping us as we head into 2016 – the sky is the limit!

Our professional Vocal Coaches have developed some astonishing teaching methods that have proved to be ground-breaking in moving students forward quickly. What may have taken 3- months to achieve has been accomplished in half the time! With students that are dedicated and serious about making it as a singer in their given field, we are committed to seeing them succeed. After all- their success is also our success.

What are you dreaming about achieving in 2016? Higher range? No fear during a performance? More vocal control? Sell out Tour? Recording an album? Mastering harder vocal techniques? Becoming a better live performer? YEP-I could on forever because we are all individual with unique talent, ability, personality and style and the sky really is the limit. Where ever you find yourself today our hope is that you will aim high, work hard and plan to succeed. If you would like some help along they way, A Melody Vocal Singing Teacher/Coach is on hand to assist.



Dream but remember to work too!

Dream but remember to work too!

ave a great day!