Singing Lessons 1-2-1 Tuition

“The only thing better than Singing, is Singing!” (Ella Fitzgerald)

Singing Session

Singing Session

Private one to one Singing Lessons

Would you like to learn to sing? Discover how high you can sing?  Improve your singing voice? Do you need to prepare for a show? Have you just been signed and need to get ready for a hectic performance schedule? Do you need to get ready for a Tour? Are you struggling with the onset of vocal problems? Struggling with confidence issues around your singing? We are here to help!

We teach  beginners,  improvers and Professionals. 

Your lessons will be tailor made specifically for your needs and can cover areas such as :

  • Vocal Technique
  • Voice warm up and voice care
  • Breathing & control
  • Increasing your Vocal Range
  • Improving your Vocal Tone
  • Tuning
  • Addressing Vocal challenges and faults
  • Confidence building.
  • Improvisation & ad-lib Development
  • Performance coaching
  • Tour Preparation
  • and much more.

To book your lesson get in touch today! Call 07816908782 or email your requirements to us – Click here

CHILDREN children

children singing

Singing  is a GREAT confidence builder for Children!

Singing lessons will help your child improve in such areas as: personal confidence, physical awareness, presentation & communication skills, as well as develop their singing voice.

They will grow in positive physical awareness by learning how to find, use and project their voice, use physical space well and communicate effectively with individuals or an audience, using positive and open body language, as well as their voice. 

The skills your child will gain through singing lessons will positively impact their lives long term.

It’s not too early to invest in your child’s vocal, communication and performance skills. Children as young as 8 and gifted in singing often have the opportunity to take on lead roles in School Concerts and Musicals, enter local Competitions and get involved in Community Events. Some of our students have gained access to the schools of their choice as a direct result of their singing audition.

Starting at just £35 a lesson! Impact your child’s future in a positive way – Sign your child up for singing lessons today! Call us on 07816-908782 or Email your request –  Click here

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